10 Influential Bboy/Bgirls Who Have Taken Footwork to a Whole New Dimension

Footwork is one of Breakin’s core elements that make room for endless creations. Footwork is freedom. Once you understand how footworks work, you’ll literally lose yourself in a space that lets you create, create, and create more.

In footworks, it’s never about difficulty level (strictly subjective opinion). What really matters is style. A small little kick, a simple yet unique way to do hooks, or a quick footwork pose/stance set perfectly to the rhythm can literally make your footworks look too dope.

The small things and details hold great importance while doing footworks. And, the way some bboys/bgirls manage to come up with creative footworks simply leaves me “Curconspired” which means curious, confused, and inspired all at the same time.

So, I’ve made a list of 10 Bboys/Bgirls who I genuinely think have taken footworks to the next level in their own unique way. Again, remember this, in footworks it’s not about difficulty, it’s about style. Wits over complexity.

10. Intact

Intact is one of those few bboys who has reached a level where he has complete control over pace or you may call it swiftness. The mysterious thing about Intact’s style is the way he gets lost sometimes (especially when the breaks are intense) completely doing random footwork movements and yet he doesn’t let his composure fall.

9. Robin

Robin is definitely an aggressor, a cold-blooded aggressor to be precise. He’ll step up to you, stare you in the eye and within a split second you’ll be smoked. Be prepared for unexpected kicks and breathtaking drops while he rules the floor.

8. Born

Korean by looks, Bronx by flava. That’s one way to explain born. Born’s style reflects maturity straight up. The way he moves has that old raw Breakin essence. Check out one of Born’s workshop on YouTube wherein he just states the significance of two steps/Indian steps. Remember always, wits over complexity. As far as his footworks are concerned, just one word, RAW!

7. Kuro The Rock

Kuro is strictly an underrated bboy. He really doesn’t show up in big competitions or such but he’s one of the most respected bboys in Japan. And, I personally think the levels he has achieved in terms of speed is something beyond imagination. The confusing part about Kuro’s footwork is that his speed never falls back when he shifts levels. That’s something that needs to be deciphered.

6. Floor Phantom

The name itself should pass some chills down your spine because this guy is literally a monster. Complete traditional style Breakin, his footworks literally sets the floor on fire. The best thing about Floor Phantom’s footwork is his lighting fast poses/stance. The way he quickly pauses and then resumes back is something fresh that inspires me.

5. Redfoot

Madness = Redfoot. Unlike most of the bboys who learn six steps as their basic foundational step, Bboy Redfoot is someone who has built his skills over two steps. You’ll hardly find Redfoot doing six steps. Same with born too. Born’s foundational step is two step, I believe. That’s something that makes Redfoot way different from others and obviously speed is unmatchable.

4. Wing Zero

When creativity and humor join forces, Wing Zero’s style is born. Call him a standup Breakin comedian. I’ve met Wing Zero in person and honestly he’s pretty chilled out ya’ll. And, I can say this with confidence that the character he shows on the floor is the exact same way he maintains his personality off the floor.

3. Machine

I firmly believe most bboys, especially the ones who started Breakin post 2010, would consider machine less of a hardcore footwork head and more of a flipper. But, trust me, Machine is a devil. The way he wrecked havoc is IBE 2005 still gives me goosebumps man. I wonder when I’ll reach such levels. Machine literally brings that raw gangsta essence in his footworks. He simply leaves himself free. An OG indeed. Also, machine will slaughter you. Peace!

2. Zeshen

Zeshen is the mathematician or you could call him the Nature’s Imitator. I’ve watched couple of Zeshen’s interview and managed to decipher one part of his style which is the influences he gets from different everyday things. Also, the reason I called him a mathematician is because, his footworks literally project deadly patterns that adds up perfectly.

1. AT

Yep, AT grabs the number one spot on this list, no doubt. For me, Bgirl AT, by far, is the most influential person who has literally taken footworks to a whole new dimension in her original way. AT’s style is just too appealing to the eye. Everything right from form, to speed, to creativity and flow, AT is probably the best example for this statement, “Style/Wits Over Complexity” AT is savage ya’ll. Her way of moving and grooving and everything is so apt and precise. It would be a dream come true to attend her workshop once.

Now, for the most important part, I know most ya’ll homies might be really disappointed for not being able to spot names like Storm, Easy Roc, Ken Swift, the legendary Focus, Flo Master, Megas, Lego, Dyzee, and so many others creative Breakers. Simply put, I am nowhere even near to make a list about old skool bboys because they were and they are way ahead of time.

Now, that doesn’t mean I am qualified to rank the ones present in this list in anyways either. This list is just a subjective compilation of hardcore footwork heads who have inspired me greatly throughout my six years of Breakin journey. It’s completely subjective. Much respect to all readers of this blog and much love to all the bboys who have inspired you. Your suggestions and opinions matters a lot to us. Feel free to comment your thoughts. If you liked this blog please let us know how we can improve in any possible way. Peace out ya’ll!!!!

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