Feeling Stuck While Creating New Footwork Variations? These 3 Simple Hacks Could Free You.

It happens always. You try to create some original footwork variations and all of a sudden you feel completely stuck.

This is just a mind block and it is very common. So, don’t feel as if you don’t have the potential to create original things.

This usually happens because you dived straight into creating a new variation without planning or understanding what you really wanted to do.

Here are 3 simple hacks to free yourself from this mind block,

1. Switch Elements

Breakin has four elements, Toprock, Footwork, Power, and Freeze. The next time you’re at the hook position breaking your head to come up with some creative footwork variation, try flipping elements.

Try going from hooks to windmill. Or maybe try getting up from hooks to continue toprock. Try nailing an elbow freeze or Pike from hooks.

Switching elements will directly push you to change levels in footwork and this will help you break the usual pattern of making footworks. You can create more dynamic footwork variations by flipping elements right from the point where you feel stuck. Got it?

2. Paint

Let’s say, you’re trying to add a little something to create your own version of two step aka baby swipe. Obviously, doing a little kick here and there may not look so original so here’s the trick.

You need to observe what’s around you. It could anything, it could be the roof, window, fences, the tiled floor on which you are doing footworks, or even the chaiwala who drops by at your regular practice spot. Just observe what’s around you.

Pick one of these things, observe its shape, and now try painting that shape with footworks. Let’s say, you saw the roof and its shape is somewhat like this. Now try painting that shape from the point where you feel stuck to create new variation.

3. Travel

Don’t keep rotating like a fidget spinner, everybody knows to do that. Go travel with your footwork and focus on covering a wide area.

This is probably the easiest trick to free yourself from mind block. Just throw yourself to cover a wide area from whichever position you are feeling stuck. You’ll quickly find new patterns as you travel doing footworks.

Breakin is a beautiful dance form. Experiment with it and explore it to the fullest. The primary idea behind these tips is to embrace new footwork movements while you untangle yourself from mind blocks. So, hope these tips help. Peace!

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