One Easy Trick That Helped Me Improve My Form in Footworks

Speed is temporary; form is permanent.

Form plays a critical role in shaping out your style, especially your form in footworks. Having your butt too low to the ground will make you look sloppy & holding it up too high might make it look too messed up.

Your form also depends a lot on whether you do footworks on your fingers or flat handed. Wing zero, for example, has his entire palm grounded on the floor and Easy roc, on the other hand, will swiftly move using nothing but his fingers.

A poor form can affect your flow & the appearance of your footwork. So, here’s the hack I used which helped me a lot to improve my footwork’s form. And, the secret is…

Russian Step

Russian steps are truly a gem of a foundational move that normally many bboys & bgirls choose to overlook. I think breakers overlook on this foundational move probably because it can be nailed easily. However, mastering this step is a whole different story. Kosto is one badass who has some killer Russians.

Tip: Include 50 Russian steps as a part of your warm up session.

Benefits of Doing Russian Steps
1. Good Balance

Your form in footworks depends a lot on how good you balance your body while you hold the zero position/front position. Russian steps as a foundational move tests your balancing abilities to the best. Repetition is key here.


2. Stronger legs

Your calf muscles plays an extremely important role in elevating your footwork’s form. And, the motion of Russian steps, the way you switch from one leg to another places pressure properly on both legs to strengthen your calf in every possible way.


3. Effortless CC’s & Hooks

Hooks is another motion that many bboys & bgirls fail to master. Watch Flo master & Bboy Wicket’s tutorial on doing six step original way to understand how hooks can make your footworks look more dynamic. As you get more comfortable with Russians, your hooks & CC’s will automatically become smooth.


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