Lessons from bboy Menno – Part 1

“Think outside the Box”, that phrase has always got me confused.  I never really understood the real meaning behind that phrase until I attended bboy Menno’s workshop. As the workshop commenced, Menno started sharing some of his dope concepts. I was focused and attentive, and believe it or not, it just took me around 15 minutes to think outside the box. As I observed his unique approach towards breakin, I was left speechless and I wondered how easy it was to get out of the box and yet I never understood it. There was this little trick he played with my mind that simply helped me to open up to a higher perspective.

As I headed back home, I felt slightly disappointed since I got disqualified in the qualifiers round of Red Bull BC one India cypher 2016. However, what pulled my attention away from that disappointment was a feeling of pure happiness present in my heart. The reason I felt happy was because I knew that I got hold of something very precious and valuable after attending Menno’s workshop. That something was none other than a simple idea that helped me solve a big part of the breakin puzzle. So, here is an in-depth elaboration of what went down in Menno’s workshop.

As far as I could recall, Menno shared five dope concepts. I have named these concepts using my own terminologies so don’t mind them. Menno’s concepts were as follows.

  • The Handicap Concept
  • The Hypnotizing Towel Concept
  • The Boxing Concept
  • The Surprise Concept
  • The Switch Concept


The Handicap Concept


As the name suggests, Menno taught us the Handicap concept to make us get out of our comfort zone. In order to do that, he first asked the attendees to sit on the floor with their bum and feet touching the ground. As we all sat, he asked us to play with movements in whatever ways we felt like but without lifting the bum or the foot off the floor. As I attempted, I actually felt as if my movements were kind of restricted.

Menno was observing us carefully and he voiced a beautiful piece of advice that changed my life. He said, “DO NOT THINK OF BREAKIN ANYMORE, JUST PLAY WITH THE MOVEMENTS”. That sentence hit me hard. When he asked us to play with the movements without lifting butt and feet, I noticed that my mind was only performing bboy movements that I already knew. However, as I heard him say “DO NOT THINK OF BREAKIN ANYMORE” I felt as if he just gave the permission to do whatever the heck I want to do. This moment helped me switch my perspective and made me think outside the box.

Proceeding further, he then started freeing us from those Handicap movements. He allowed the attendees to lift the butt and feet from the floor and I felt as if the scopes to make more moves and movements just increased by five percent. Then Menno asked us to make use of the knees. So, I was now free to make movements lying down on the floor, sitting in the footwork position, and even using my knees. The scope for making more moves and movements was simply blooming.

Right after freeing the knees, he asked us to lie down on the floor and combine shoulder movements such as shoulder CC’s with basic freezes such as a turtle and baby freeze to make more moves. However, he suggested us to avoid using the head and the back. Thus, switching from the left shoulder to the right without using the head or the back was quite challenging. But for Menno it was a piece of cake. Then, he finally allowed us use the head and the back to create more movements. I felt as if the scope to make moves was now one hundred percent since I could use my whole body in whatever way I wished.

The whole idea behind this concept is to get out of the comfort zone by restricting your own movements and thinking of other ways to create new movements.

I shall be covering the rest of the concepts in part 2. Stay Tuned. Thanks.

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