Relevant | Raw | Real – मराठी HipHop to the Fullest

They are extraordinary, they’re fresh, and they know how to keep it real. With their last video going viral within a fort night, it didn’t took much time for मराठी HipHop, a rap group solely focused on delivering bars and verses in मराठी to leave everyone stunned.

Originality wins always and the मराठी HipHop group is solid proof to abide by that statement. The way this group presents itself in the video content they generate is something that portrays the truth of their life. They don’t do no fancy shit, no renting cars or models, you won’t even find any member of this group wearing huge ass gold chains like most mainstream rappers do.

They’ve got their street style on and they ensure their skills are on a completely different level with intricate rhythm patterns. With every verse delivered you can literally sense the passion these boys have for rapping and the bars they spit carries with it a strong, just what real HipHop music had back in the days.

The group dropped their second video yesterday and they continue to set the bar high. Find the video below. Peace!

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