This 9 Yr Old From New Delhi Is Just Too Savage With His Mind-blowing Bboying Moves!

Kids are truly fearless and they never give up. Guide them the right way and they will face every situation with absolute courage. Same is the story of Bboy Deepak, a 9yr old from New Delhi who will leave your jaw dropped on the floor with his intricate bboying moves.

Powermove, an advanced dance element in Bboying, takes months and sometimes even years to master it. The amount of discipline that goes into learning these moves is one thing that makes bboying an extremely ardent dance form. Not the strong, not the fittest, only the passionate ones survive here. And, this 9yr old has set a groundbreaking example and raised the bar high.

Check out Bboy Deepak right here!

Like Bboys/Bgirl Delhi for more awesome Bboying videos.


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