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Gone are the days when you came across sayings like…

How To Support The Artist You Like: Buy Their Work, Share Their Work With Credit, Spread The Word About Their Work & So On…

Buying your favorite artist’s work evidently remains to be the predominant way to show support for their craft. However, times have changed & in today’s digital age supporting your favorite artist’s work can happen with a few swipes & clicks.

Today’s generation simply exist on Earth while they actually live their lives on the internet. Thus, if you’re an avid & active social media maniac, hitting the “Share” button over social media platforms today automatically helps spread your favorite artist’s work with a substantial audience base. Add a nice caption while you share & you’ve virtually paid your favorite artist a sweet compliment too.

The internet has opened up an array of ways for artists to make money with proceeds from ad revenue online being the biggest source to make some quick dough. We’ve got YouTubers, Bloggers, Social Media influencers & even Mobile Applications that help artists to generate revenue from their artwork. However, there’s a catch.

As an artist, seizing opportunities via the internet becomes out of the question if you aren’t aware of the basics of the digital world. The basics include content creation, online promotion, running social media campaigns, developing content strategies to create viral content, to even maintaining online reputation, you’ve got to learn these basics. Long story short, making money online through your art isn’t as easy as it sounds. Period!

So, what now? End of the world?


This is where Qyuki steps in the scene & restores hope for artists. Qyuki, the brainchild of A R Rahman & Shekhar Kapur, two prominent & creative figures in the Indian Film Industry, is a purebred creative media platform that solely focuses on empowering artists while engaging audience by creating new age media content.

Qyuki, as a platform, maintains a large network with artists hailing from different circles & chooses to fund their artwork. Qyuki serves as a hub for artists to learn, expand, connect & prosper with their art. Simply put, Qyuki gets you a shortcut to a world of opportunities while you solely immerse yourself in the art that soothes your soul.

SlumGods, a HipHop collective based out in Mumbai, recently organized #StreetBattles, a hiphop jam with a keen motive to spread the hiphop culture here in Mumbai. The entire project was powered by “The Dharavi Project“, a initiative run by Qyuki, and the jam turned out to be a big hit amongst the residents of Nallasopara. An entire street was booked and the jam comprised of Bboys, Bgirls, Emcees, Graffiti artists & DJ’s. The ultimate main event packed a power showdown of two hiphop collectives going against each other which was appreciated & enjoyed by the neighboring residents of Nallasopara who showed up to the jam.

There are very few organizations like Qyuki that actually lend such immense support to artists. Qyuki wholeheartedly provides support without interfering with the preferences or taste of artists. So, what happens here is that you’re being provided with an opportunity to stay ruthlessly true to your art, you don’t have to compromise, you don’t have to act fake, you’re never forced to do something, and lastly, you don’t have to sell out on yourself. You can do what you like & come up with creative ways to attract audience doing your thing“, says Akash Dhangar, member of the SlumGods crew.

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