3 Reasons To Attend “StreetBattle” Happening at Nallasopara

HipHop is recognized as a street culture for a reason. The cultural movement comprising of four primary artistic elements has its origins tied down to the streets. Today, Bboys and Bgirls don’t cypher with a piece of cardboard laid down right in the middle of street. They have good studios to session.

Bboys Back in the Days…
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Rappers never had an opportunity to perform in gigantic arenas. All they had was a bunch people from the hood who assembled down in a circle with each of them taking chances to come up intricate rhymes and dope bars. Deejaying, as opposed to DJing, was purely about creating a moment of quality vibes to move the crowd to some soothing tunes.

Emcees Back in the Days…

And, graffiti art was strictly about freedom and notoriety unlike today where some graffiti writers seek permission from concerned authorities to execute their vision in a legitimate manner. Although, many things have changed for the better good, the real essence of hiphop still continues to breathe in the streets.

And, with India welcoming this worldwide movement, there are quite a few folks trying to retain that raw street essence of hiphop. Yes, we’re talking about StreetBattle, a hiphop jam that has its ultimate motive tied down to bring back that raw essence of hiphop that has been missing.

Scheduled to happen this coming 16th September 2017, StreetBattle is where you’ll witness real hiphop and here are 5 reasons why attending this jam is worth it

1. Be A Part of Cyphers

Cyphers represent the circle of life. For those who are unaware what cypher stands for, it represents an informal gathering of bboys, bgirls, rappers, beatboxers in a circle to exchange their artistic skills and share individual approaches and taste with one and another.

At StreetBattle, the outdoor location will be available for cyphers from 4pm to 8pm. The circle will comprise of rappers, bboys, bgirls, and beatboxers while a Deejay on the disc ensures he’s supplementing the crowd with some funky tunes. Feel free to drop by to witness some real hiphop vibes.


2. The Main Event


You must’ve seen dance battles, rap battles but have you ever witnessed a hiphop collective going against another? Jams like these are even rarer than one those eclipse that appears once a thousand years.

At StreetBattle, SlumGods and Bombay Lokal, two big time and renowned hiphop collectives from Mumbai will be up against each other in a furious battle, not for the sake to put beat each other down or to prove which collective is the best but to strictly test their skills and to share some real good hiphop vibes. Imagine a ground where rappers, bboys, and beatboxers are trying to go against one another. Can’t miss out on that one!


3. Awareness

Not many people understand the humble roots of real hiphop and how it has its origins tied down to the streets. Matter of fact, many relate hiphop to what is being aired in the mainstream media. HipHop is the most vibrant cultural movement and to hold the wrong impression certainly is not okay.

With StreetBattle, we’re trying to build awareness, we’re trying to be a catalyst to help the masses understand that HipHop is a lifestyle and not a music genre. Mark your dates, 16th September, 2017, it’s a beautiful Saturday, come drop by at Nallasopara to witness real hiphop.

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