Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The #OneThousandFootworkVariations Video Series

About The Campaign

#OneThousandFootworkVariations is an overlong mammoth-sized video series outlined to present a thousand footwork variations. The video series will be broken down to smaller installments featuring ten variations in every segment. Every installment will be shot across different street locations and will be published on Saturdays.

The concept for this video campaign stems from an innate curiosity to reach the one thousand mark. And, also it is more of a challenge which makes things quite interesting. Every video segment will be backed up with a blog that will throw light into aspects like behind the scenes, the idea behind a certain variation, and so on.

Motto of the Campaign

The motto of this overlong video series is to become a “Footwork Super Saiyan”. Yes, you read that right. No Kidding!

It’s obvious one will have to push beyond limits to reach the one thousand mark and it can be slightly difficult too. But, yeah, the picture in my head of myself achieving that one thousand mark and embracing infinity drives me to go ahead and do this. Period!


The campaign is scheduled to start from 2nd of September, 2017 and will end on…..
One video a week, that’s four video a month, 10 variations featured in every video, now you do the math when it’s gonna end.

We’ll be publishing the video over all our social handles, so stay connected with us.

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Twitter – @breakjournal

Also, feel free to check out the #OneThousandFootworkVariations campaign’s trailer right here:


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