Microphone Gets Murdered Ruthlessly. Smokey, The Murderer, Still On The Run!

Smokey The Ghost, a Bangalore based Emcee dropped a new free verse video yesterday showcasing his intricate rapping skills to the soothing tunes of French Kiwi Juice’s Tadow. French Kiwi Juice popularly recognized by his stage name FKJ is a prominent global figure when it comes to producing mellow tunes. His speciality lies in creating mellifluous vibes while he smoothly maintains that essence of the breaks that stems from the HipHop culture.

Smokey chose to freestyle over Tadow as a tribute to FKJ who will soon make his visit to Banglore’s Humming Tree. However, Smokey’s effort turned out to be more of an assassin who skillfully murders his victim. The track was a straight up callout to all the Mumble rappers and there’s no room for argument the way Smokey demonstrated his skills.

The most interesting thing about this free verse video from Smokey is that not many rappers will be able to pull off what Smokey just did. Reason?

Well, killing the beat while some gangsta instrumentals are being played in the background is one thing but to do the same with a mellow tune that sets the whole vibe to rap about the good things in life, is certainly is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Secondly, apart from the message Smokey gives out from his free verse video, the kind of rhythm he maintains is to SAVAGE AF. You’ll groove to the way this guy spits his verses while you simultaneously realize how ruthless yet calmly he’s is murdering that microphone. That’s that!

One last note, RIP MICROPHONE & Thanks for this Smokey!

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Check out the full video right here. 


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